Classroom Jobs - Students Feel Important & My Life is Easier!!

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This is the third week of school for me and I am just getting into the "groove." I'm still figuring out the balance of keeping my blog updated and managing other parts of my life now that the days of "sitting on the couch in my PJs and blogging" are over! Any tips or suggestions????
Classroom Occupation (Job) Postings - I have the occupation titles available for download on my TPT store.

I wanted to share something new I started this year in my class. I have always had classroom jobs, but in the past I assigned classroom jobs to my students based on what I thought they would want. Because of this, some would lose interest after the first week, but not this year! I gave them an application and they had to complete it on their own time. This meant that had to apply for the job they wanted and think about why they would be good at that job. Students selected their top three jobs, and all but three students got their top three picks (these three students turned in their app. 1 day late). I have been watching my kiddos take their jobs VERY seriously! Them taking the jobs seriously means my life is easier! The titles of these jobs aren't your typical "Line Leader", and "Teacher Helper"- They have been spiced up with names like "Secretary" and "Directional Specialist"! 
Application the students use to apply for classroom jobs - I have the application available for download on my TPT store.

I have a classroom occupation binder too. This binder lists all the jobs and what the duties include. This binder is in the classroom library so students can access this and read them at anytime.

These are 2 of the 13 pages from the Classroom Occupation Binder that describes each classroom job. I have the occupation  titles and descriptions available for download on my TPT store.