Mastering Multiplication Facts - Incentives Your Kids Will Love!!!!

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I created this unit 5 years ago and I have seen my students become excited, challenged and competitive with this incentive based program. My students want to master their facts to earn each incentive. Each incentive gets them to a movie celebration with lots of yummy treats and cool rewards that are earned when more test are passes. The best thing about it (in my opinion) is the students cannot move on to the next fact group until they have mastered the previous fact group. This differentiates for my students who need more time.
Overview of the Mastering Multiplication Movie Celebration Unit
1. Students take a pre-test with 100 facts to answer to see how many they actually know (I give 10 minutes to take the test). This will also be used at the end of the unit to show the students how much they have grown.
2. Each week students take a test on a specific fact group. If they pass they move on the the next group, if they fail they re-take that same fact group next week again.
3. Once students have passed one of the following groupings (0, 1, 5, 10 fact groups- movie ticket), (2, 3, 4 fact groups - popcorn), 6, 7, 8 fact groups - soda) and/or (9, 11, 12 fact groups - candy) they get an item to add to their Student Recording Sheet. **The Student Recording Sheet should be displayed somewhere that the student sees daily.
4. Once a student has passed all their fact groups (0-12) they will get VIP sitting at the movie. There is a sign included in the unit. You may have some kids finish the tests early before the unit is finished. For those students I let them play a computer multiplication game while the other students are testing.
5. Students take post-test to see how much they have grown. Give the same amount of time you did for the pre-test. Each year I have had kids grow AT LEAST 15 facts. Some kids have grown 90. They will be blown away! Some kids have several minutes left over, so record their finished time too.
This is the Teacher Recording Sheet to track what facts students are on. I put a check when a student passes and a small dot when they do not. I can keep track of how many "non passings" (I hate the word fail) occur when I put a small dot in the corresponding box. 
Examples of the fact tests that the students take. There are test from the 0 facts to 12 facts. They are on half sheets in an effort to save a little paper. :)  

Student Recording Sheet where students write their name and attach 
the movie ticket, popcorn, soda and candy that they earn. This
should be displayed for the student to see daily.

These are an example of the incentives that the students
earn. The unit has soda, movie ticket, and candy box pictures. 

How do you use incentives to get your kids excited about mastering their facts?? Please share!


  1. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Also check out the multiplication tables practice game "SAY CHEESE".

  2. This will be one the best idea to improve intellectual of kids.

  3. May be a dumb question... BUT do you actually give out what they earned during the "Movie Celebration?" I'm curious on what the end game of it is, but I LOVE the idea. :)