Anxiously Waiting to Start Organizing my Home Away from Home - My Classroom

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I wanted to share some of the areas I organized last year during pre-planning. I wish I had before pictures, but I don't ... so your going to have to imagine ... they were "stuffed" cabinets that would throw things at you when you opened the door! I'm sure you ubderstand ... LOL 

Each year I pick a few areas I want to organize in an effort to make my life a little easier and to to help me save a little time in the long run! Which leaves me wondering if a teacher's life is ever really easy??? Anyway, truly organizing my classroom was the best thing I did for my space. Once it is organized your space easy to keep clean and in order. Below are some pictures of some of the places I have completed.

One of the best things about getting everything in order is that my students are picking up on these behaviors. They know there is a place for everything and they (for the most part) put things where they go. Down time with materials and cleaning have been cut in half with the class being in a functioning order. The students can participate in handing out materials and cleaning up work areas if there is a neat and orderly room.

This is a picture of my classroom materials cabinet. It is organized and everything has a place. I keep ALL the student materials in this cabinet - Including markers, colored pencils, scissors, note cards, highlighters, rulers, sticky notes and all the others things we use. The students can get materials from the cabinet as they need. It eliminates almost everything from the students’ desks - which leaves even more organized areas (don't get me started on messy desks!!!!). I have material managers as part of my classroom jobs, so if materials are needed for a whole group activity the material managers distribute and collect them.
These two pictures show how I store my science materials. Science materials can get messy, but these white buckets and clear containers (from the Dollar Tree) help eliminate all the small clutter. The students can even locate materials with it being this orderly. In the morning when students are arriving I may ask them to help me set up for science class. A simple place a sticky note on their desk with a list of the things I need. The students get NOW locate them and get them for me. Fabulous time saver!

This is my math resource cabinet. I store all my math resources here. My rule is always put it back if I take it out. I NEVER misplace things this way! I have a cabinet like this for science and writing too.

This is where I store students' math centers and math manipulative. It's great for lesson planning because I can go to these drawers when working on a specific concept. These drawers have different types of games and activities the students can get and start working on.

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