Scalloping Trophy Anyone??

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So every year my family and I go scalloping in Homosassa, Florida. Homosassa is about and hour and a half North of Tampa. When I say "my family," I means a ton of people. The last 3 years there have been about 10 people, but this year there are 16 of us going. It has become tradition for us to try to collect the most scallops, then they have bragging rights for being the top collector. This year I decided to create a trophy that we can give to the person with the most scallops at the end of the trip. The trophy will be passed on every year to the person who captures the most scallops!

It got me thinking ... I could create "trophies" like this for my students. Maybe a pencil wrapped trophy for a writing competition. Just a thought ...

I'll be scalloping 'til Monday ... 

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