Multiplication Memorization Motivation - Movie Theme

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I’m super excited to share some of the changes I have made to the Multiplication Movie Motivation Unit.  The bones are the same, but I have added some more incentives that make it more exciting for students and more manageable for teachers.  I have used this unit for many years, and several teachers I know have used it too.  We have seen their students motivated!  

This is what teachers from TPT are saying...
 Motivated students = Happy teacher! 

The unit challenges students at their level, while being competitive with incentives at the same time. My students want to master their facts to earn each incentive. Each incentive gets them to a movie celebration with lots of yummy treats and cool rewards that are earned when more tests are passed. The best thing about it (in my opinion) is the students cannot move on to the next fact group until they have mastered the previous fact group. This differentiates for my students who need more time. While still challenging the students who are ready to move on.  
These are the items included in the unit. The Parent Letter and the Teacher Recording sheet are editable now after many requests. I also included VIP Passes for the students who pass the quizzes through the 12 facts! 

Overview of the Multiplication Movie Motivation Unit

1. Students take a pre-test with 100 facts to answer to see how many they actually know (I give 10 minutes to take the test). This will also be used at the end of the unit to show the students how much they have grown. 
Sample Graded Test: I circle facts that are incorrect or not answered.
Sample fact tests from the unit. There are test for the 0-12 facts.
2. Each week students take a test on a specific fact group. If they pass, they move on the next group, if they don’t pass they re-take that same fact group the next week.  I allow students to submit a certain amount of multiplication practice if they are having a hard time memorizing the facts.  This shows me the student is trying to memorize them. If they don't prove the practice I will not allow them to pass. 
This is the order  in which the students learn their facts.
This unit starts with the 0, 1, 5, 10 facts because students
usually have more experience with these facts, and I want them to
have success at the beginning to keep them motivated.
3. Once students have passed one of the following groupings (0, 1, 5, 10 fact groups- movie ticket), (2, 3, 4 fact groups - popcorn), (6, 7, 8 fact groups - soda) and/or (9, 11, 12 fact groups - candy) they get the item picture to add to their Student Recording Sheet.       ***The Student Recording Sheet should be displayed somewhere the student sees daily.

Student Recording Sheet
Incentives Earned: The popcorn will be
earned for completing facts 2, 3 and 4. 

VIP PASS: This is an editable pass
that students can wear when
they pass their 12facts.  I clipped a
hole in the blackoval and string
yarn through the hole. The kids
were SO PROUD!!! I laminate
them and allow them to keep them as a
souvenir. :()
4. Once a student has passed all their fact groups (0-12) they will get VIP sitting at the movie. There is a sign included in the unit so you can rope of an area to make it really like a VIP section. You may have some kids finish the tests early before the unit is finished. For those students I let them play a computer multiplication game while the other students are testing or I will sometimes challenge students to a timed division test.

5. Students take post-test to see how much they have grown. Give the same amount of time you did for the pre-test. Each year I have had kids grow AT LEAST 15 facts. Some kids have grown 90. They will be blown away! Some kids have several minutes left over, so record their finished time too.

Editable Data Spreadsheet: This is the data sheet where you can record your students progress in Excel, an electronic database. 
Hard Copy Spreadsheet: You can keep track of the students' progress here. I put a check when they pass and a dot when they do not. For example, looking at John, he didn't pass the 2 facts twice, but passed on the third attempt. Looking at Za'Quon, he didn't pass the 3 facts once, but passed on the second attempt. 
Parent Letter: This will inform students and their families of the expectations.
 It is editable and can be tweaked for your classroom's needs.  

Excitement, Engagement & Motivation

I bought these popcorn containers from the Dollar Tree 3 years ago.  Many Dollar Trees in my area still carry them.  They cost $1 for two containers.  I bought 20 packs, so now I have 40 containers.  Yes, it cost $20 upfront, but now I have them, and they have been used MANY times.  You can also decorate with them to help promote the celebration.

I have asked parents to donate popcorn, and to come and pop the popcorn for the celebration. I have also used ESE and resource teachers to help if parent weren't available.
Popcorn Containers:
Cost $1 for two containers

Candy Supply: Watch the sales at Walgreen's and CVS -
 This is where I get most of the candy and for cheap! 

This is my most favorite part of the celebration...The awards at the end. These certificates are awarded at the end of the celebration day. Not only are the students who memorized all the facts represented, but the students who practiced the most and improved the most are recognized as well.


I would love to know what type of incentives do you use to get your kiddos excited about memorizing their facts! If you have already used this unit is your class, results and feedback is greatly appreciated!


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