Tropical Storm Issac, Mud Race and Canceled School

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On Friday our admin warned us that Issac may shut us down Monday and turn our classrooms into shelters. Being the born Floridian that I am, I think a little rain, thunder, wind and lightening is all part of the summer. So I basically paid no attention to it! However, before we left on Friday all teachers had to pack up their equipment that may get damaged or stolen if our school was used as a shelter. Keep in mind this is day four of school and I just finished making my room "perfect!" My intern and I spent 45 minutes securing the room by zip tying the cabinets and packing the computers, projector and anything else that would be considered valuable. After being a little annoyed that teachers were responsible for making our rooms "shelter proof," I packed up and went home and mentally prepared for my very first mud race!

The race was AMAZING and I would highly suggest that everyone should add participating in a mud race to their bucket list!!! During the race the sky gave out and it down poured! It was kind of like a out door shower though, so it was nice considering the moment!

All teachers in my surrounding counties got the call today saying, school is closed Monday due to the weather! I must admit I'm a little bummed it being the 5th day of school, but an extra day of raining day planning is always helpful!

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