FIRST day back in my class & some WONDERFUL finds!

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I completed day one (about 4 hours) of “Put My Class Back Together Again!” This will take MANY more days! First of all, I am exhausted, but before I came home I had some time to stop by Joann’s and Walmart for a few classroom items!

Here are some of my FABULOUS, cheap, buys!

From Walmart: Elephant ($11), Colored Sticker Letters (.88 each)
and Striped Boxes (.88 each) From Joann: Zig Zag Edging (.97 each),
Paper Packs ($2.59 each) and Materail ($23 total)  Tissue paper was
something I had - I will reveal this project at a later time! . . .

This is the material I will use for small curtains and shelf coverings. I LOVE IT!!
It's perfect for what I wanted to do. It has all the colors, but it's not to bright!
I'M SO EXCITED!! I think the kids might think it looks like silly bands.
It reminded me on different stars - Kinds like fireworks.

My teaching partner and I wanted to do the same theme for consistency, but incorporate a message with it. We are using the Fireworks song by Katy Perry as a starting/inspiration point. We are using some quotes (See the Firework Frames Brag Wall) from the Fireworks song in materials and d├ęcor throughout the room, along with bright jewel tone colors. I’m using black as a back ground color to tone down the brightness a little. I didn’t want to over simulate some of my easily distracted kiddos. =  ) Picking a color is also a way for me to save some $$$. I would get bored with a theme too specific. For me, colors are endless and easy to change!

*** BTW: You may have noticed an elephant and wondered how it fits in (LOL) . . . I collect elephants. I rarely buy one for myself because I get them as gifts frequently. HOWEVER, today was an exception. This elephant gel lamp was on clearance at Walmart! It’s so adorable – I can’t wait to bring it to school!   

Here are some updated pictures of the current state of my classroom . . .

The AMAZING windows from the second floor!

What is seen when walking in the door . . .

View from the front of the classroom . . .

View from the back of the classroom . . .

SCARY cabinets - Can't believe I'm showing this!!! = /


  1. You're lucky to have all those great windows. I have one very small window (two feet by one foot) in the corner of the room. I'm envious of teachers who have natural light.

    1. That's one thing I am so blessed to have! I LOVE all the natural light. Most days we don't even turn on the classroom lights. The blinds are ALWAYS open, unless doing were doing something for science that requires darkness.

  2. LOL - I just noticed my teacher partners son is playing under the desks when I was taking the pictures! = )

  3. I can't wait to see finished pictures! I, too, am jealous of the windows! Mine are narrow - but tall - but also OLD and ICKY! I love your style of desk! We have the long ones and even with just 13 students this year my classroom feels crowded! Next year I'll have 20 and I just have no idea where I'll put them all! I'm pretty sure I'll have to give up my horseshoe table for a year :(

  4. Last year I only had 16, so we were able to do the U shape with all desks. This year I'm pretty sure I'll have more kiddos and the desks won't fit with too many desks.