Classroom Tour with Bright and Happy Colors!!! - Part 1

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Rainbow frame - More on how I made it later!

I have to say "I'm very proud of my room this year!" Not only have I finished my room during pre-planning with time to actually start planning for the first and second week, but I also have finished some project I have been wanting to do for years!!!!! Including this rainbow frame that will be used for all kinds of photo opportunities!!

I'm really loving my room's bright colors and how they actually match! Some of you work hard and make that happen every year, but I'm just getting the hang of it. LOL

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to blog about Tips and Tricks. I'm including several things in this post so look for the tips and tricks!

So, drum roll please ...

front of the room
view form where the classroom connects to my partner
math and science wall

Shared Area Between Classrooms
This area between the classrooms were usually mismatched and not used for anything. This year I decided to put a birthday chart in the middle. My teaching partner teaches the Language Arts and I teach Math and Science so we see both see the kids. Having it between the classrooms will hopefully help us remember ALL the kiddos bdays... Well, at least that is the plan!

 The first week of school I'm going to give the students small stars with their name's written on them. They will then write the day number of their birthday and tape it under their month. I thought this would be a different way for the kids to connect with each other and find things they have in common.
 I wanted to include some little humor at the mirror for when the kids "check themselves out" when claiming to get a drink of water. The girl's side of the mirror says beautiful and the boy's side says handsome.
This is where we will ahng student's work. At the start of the year teachers put baby pictures and facts on a poster and the students have to figure out who is who. The kids LOVE this!!

 Learning Targets and Management
I have few different ways the students and I manage the classroom.

This shows the interactive / "changable" number line I will be attempting this year. 

These are called summary statements. At the end of the day the students must pick one statement and finish it as a complete sentence in their agends. When the parents sign the agenda they then have some idea of what their child is learning.

 This is where the weekly schedule is written. On Monday mornings the students copy what's on the schedule for the week in their agendas. The students LOVE having an idea of what is happening that week. As the year progresses I can usually pick a student to help manage the calendar and write things.

 I hate hearing students ask can I get a drink of water, or tissue, or bathroom! They can use these signs and show me what they want or need when I am teaching whole or small group. This cuts down on interruptions.

 This is where I use page protectors to hang my learning goals or targets. It's very easy for me to type a quick goal or target in Power Point, print it and slide it in the pocket! Huge time saver for me! In this picture you can also see the BehaviorLog Codes. We use these codes for behavior violations and they write them in their agenda. They correspond with our report cards.

This is it for today! I am one tired teacher from a week of pre-planning. Part 2 will be written hopefully Sunday.


  1. Your classroom is so cute, I love it!!! I also love your idea for statement summaries!

    So glad I found your blog and am now following along!

    The Cozy Classroom

    1. Thank you! The summary statement idea was an idea from a another teacher, Mrs. Citek. The parents will sometimes respond to what their child wrote. I love it too because sometimes you don't realize what they "loved" or what they want to know more about. :)

  2. Your classroom looks great!! I really like the line on your board---It would make creating number lines and line plots easy. I also like your restroom sign--I use the sign language "R" too.
    Tales of a Fourth Grade MathNut
    Tales from a Fourth Grade MathNut

    1. This will be my first time using the I interactive / changeable number line. I heard about it in a training. I'll report back on how I like it! :) I use both the R and B because some students call it a bathroom and others restrooms.

  3. Hi! It's my first time visiting your blog and I just wanted to say that I love your student work area! Those frames are such a good idea. I've seen them used at home for kid's work, but not in the classroom. Very cool :)
    One, Two, Three: Math Time

  4. You have an adorable classroom! I have nominated you for the Liebster award!
    This link will give you some more information!

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  6. Where can I get the sign language signs that you have?

  7. I was wondering where I could get the sign language posters?