Desk Name Tags – Never Distracting & Always Clean

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I have been using these types of name tags for two years and I LOVE them. This name tag works for the class because they don’t distract my kiddos. I HATE (using this word on purpose) when my kiddos color or mark on them – All the doodling makes the tags look so ugly! So this design of a name tag solves my little problem. The plastic cover won’t allow them to write on it and they don’t distract them! WOO HOO … In addition to that, the name tags are EASY to move so you can relocate students in a jiffy!!
I have two classes, an AM and PM group. In the past I have chose a different color font for their name to signify the classes. This year I’m going to use black font, but a different color boarder to distinguish between the classes. I will post the tags at a later time – haven’t committed to a theme yet.

I simply bought badge holders and cut the top off that has a slit for the lanyard (See picture below). After cutting the badge holder, I cut Velcro into strips that were the length of the badge holder. I used Velcro that was 2 inches in width. I thought about hot gluing them to the desk - It would be cheaper - But I was scared it would rip the desk top off. = /
I then used a badge template from Word and typed their names in them. After that I cut the name badges out and slide them into the badge holder – Now ... NAME TAGS!!!!!!!!!
This is the Velcro I used and it has lasted two years and there is still no sign of it wearing down.

 Here you see the Velcro that was cut to the size of the badges. It also shows the lanyard slit that was cut off before attaching the Velcro.


  1. I love that idea! My students pick at the contact paper that attaches their name cards to their desks, so this looks like it would definitely cut down on that. Thanks!

    Thanks, too, for following my blog - I am now your newest follower :)


  2. Thanks for reading! Imm looking to follow several other fourth and fifth grade blogs. It seems to me most are for primary grades. The more ideas the better!!

    I posted these name tags because they have really made my life easier in the class!


  3. I love this idea. I hate name tags and usually take them off the tables and never replace them after the first few weeks. Thanks!!

    I am your newest follower. Stop by and visit my blog.

    1. That's how I was with name tags before I started using this! Thanks for following - I will visit your site! = )

  4. Your idea is really cool. I blogged about it I liked it so much. Thanks!

  5. It's Bus-L Teacher Resources.

  6. Great idea! Wish I would have seen this a few days ago!

  7. I'm going on year number three with the same velcro and badges I bought. Not only is it more effective, it saves money! Did you put down traditional name tags that are taped to the desks? If so, once they start looking 'ratty'forward replace them with these ... then no worries for years! = )

  8. thanks for the math stems!

  9. Have you ever tried using the hard laminated individual baseball card holders? They are very durable and about the same size.

  10. Love this idea! I have been searching for something forever-can't wait to do this....mine this year are already coming off etc.
    We are your newest followers!

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