Summer Break - Day 5

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My husband helped me come up with the blog tilte. Appropriate enough, it is five days into my summer break and I am already planning for my classroom and kiddos next year. What’s the theme going to be? How will I re-arrange my desks in the class? What will I have at open house to get my students and their family excited about the upcoming year? The questions have already started racing through my head as I lie in bed at night. I’m becoming incredible eager, as I do every year, about the new kiddos that will be sitting in the desk staring back at me in August. There is so much to do as I strive to make their year with me the very best possible!

So, why this blog? I attempted to start a blog last year and I didn’t plan appropriately. I intended to start a blog for my kiddos and their families, as well as, a way for me to communicate with other professionals in teaching. However, I didn’t think to check the districts internet firewalls before the blog design began. Everything was up and running a few days before pre-planning. I was enthusiastic to share it with some of my colleagues and BAM – Internet Page Blocked. Immediately I knew there was not going to be a blog for my students on BlogSpot. I created a separate webpage for them under TeacherWeb (which is great BTW), but I still wanted something that allowed me to communicate easily with other teachers. This leads me to here … AGAIN!

This year I am committed to sharing, as well as, collecting ideas from my fellow teachers, who EAT, BREATHE, and SLEEP teaching.

                                                           <3, V


  1. Terri Harding, Alberta CanadaJuly 31, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    I decided that this summer I was going to throw what I knew out the window as far as teaching writing was concerned and just open my mind to what ever I could find. My goodness... I have never in my life felt so overwhelmed and excited at the same time!
    24-7 teacher seems to suit me with 4 more weeks of summer break! lol

    1. Why are you starting fresh with writing if I may ask? = ) ... I am in Florida and the way the district wants us to teach writing is drastically changing soon too - which I am also SUPER excited about!

      24-7 Teacher is truly what teaching is … we never stop! It’s an obsession for me!